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YOUR WORDS ARE POWERFUL! What God says about what you say


MEETING JESUS ON THE WAY. The importance of highways in history, in the Bible, and in Indiana


BENEATH THE PAGES OF YOUR BIBLE: Lessons from the Greek New Testament for English Bible Readers. Three short videos containing insights that you won't find in your favorite translation. Three important Greek prepositions (“the biggest little words in the Bible”) are used in Galatians 3:10-13 to tell a great story.


THE GOD-GIVEN POWER OF MUSIC: Music is involved in every area of our lives: home, family, our emotions, romance and weddings and funerals, sports, war, and worship--to name a few. Music is everywhere! It can make us happy or sad, it can relax us or energize us. This teaching series explores how God uses this wonderful gift to reveal and fulfill his purposes in our lives. Caution: You'll be humming or singing after each video!


BENEATH THE PAGES OF YOUR BIBLE: Lessons from the Greek New Testament for English Bible Readers.  Five short videos containing insights from John 3:16 that you won't find in your favorite translation.


WHAT EVANGELICALS AND PENTECOSTALS CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER: "Why would we settle for only half of what God wants for us?"


Prophetic Words: Understanding Them, Receiving Them, Giving Them

He is not silent; he speaks to us in many ways. Seven ways God is speaking to you today; did you hear him? Are you listening?

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An introduction, some background on prophecy. Greek and Hebrew terms for prophecy and prophets and how they are used: speaking for someone, speaking forth with authority, speaking before future events.

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Understanding the differences between prophecy in the OT and in the NT age: Then: Called by God to be a prophet, “Thus saith the Lord!” stoned to death if wrong. Now: Using a spiritual gift, God brings message to our human minds, must be tested.

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Prophecy Chart

Prophecy Definition

What good does prophecy do? It strengthens, encourages, and comforts others. Don’t be afraid of this, don’t avoid it; don’t quench it or despise it; don’t miss out on this. This gift is to be desired above all others; this is the one you should want and ask for!

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You don’t need to have the gift of prophecy to give prophetic words. Prophetic words were expected in meetings of the early church (1 Corinthians 14). What would it look like, feel like if I were to give a prophetic word to someone?

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Twelve ways you can respond to the prophetic words you receive. Fight for your word, refuse to give up on it, it will be worth it.

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What if I’m not sure this is really God prompting me? Seven suggestions for when you have doubts. What if I mess up?

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Hoosier Proud: Why You Should Never, Ever be Embarassed to Live in Indiana

At the end of this process, I trust that you will be more informed by the facts, more impressed by your state, more intrigued by the possibilities, more involved in making it all happen. You will know you are in Indiana, in the center of God’s will, fulfilling his plan for all of us. YOU NEED NEVER, EVER AGAIN BE EMBARRASSED TO LIVE IN INDIANA. YOU CAN BE PROUD TO BE A HOOSIER.

There are several important decisions you didn’t make for yourself; God made them for you

Among them—the Bible teaches that God decided when and where you would live

If you find yourself in Indiana in 2021, it is because God planned it that way.

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How do I know? Because God told the prophets what he was going to do here,

Amos said: “Surely the Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to the prophets”

And you won’t believe some of the things God said he has in mind for us!

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Those big plans God has for us? You play a big part in making those plans come true!

God gave you gifts, experiences, abilities, etc. to make your own unique contribution.

We are not looking for a better place to live; we are making Indiana that better place!

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You may think, “Oh, I wish I could live in France/Jamaica/Hawaii/Aspen/North Carolina,”

but if you did, you’d find plenty to complain about there, too.

And there are lots of reasons to prefer our state above any of the others.

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